Caveman Space Knife

Del Ben Coltellerie

The BioLite wood burning campstove converts heat to electricity.  Hot breakfast and a phone charge all-in-one!

BYTECC Notebook Cooling Pad

This thing really works! I use a 17" multimedia notebook computer pretty much like most folks would use a desktop. It's on all the time, I work it pretty hard and it gets very very hot ... but that's not a problem anymore! I think the double-whammy of USB-powered fans and aluminum construction make it a perfect heat sink.

Oh! It's quiet too!
(and also comes in black)


(but keep 'em away from your hard drives)

BuckyBalls Magnetic Building Spheres

"They Live" by John Carpenter (1988)

I dunno ... I just love this movie:  Cool super-specs, aliens, prophets, mind control, conspiracy, Rowdy Roddy Piper, and the greatest alley fight committed to film.

Thermaltake eSATA / USB Docking Station

This thing is great! I wish it had a dust cover, but otherwise have zero complaints. And it's the perfect thing (considering my insatiable appetite for storage -and- the ridiculous prices of HUGE hard drives these days).

Digital Video Essentials

Did you know that new displays come from the factory with contrast and brightness settings configured waaaay too high? It's so the displays look good on a bright showroom floor. If you've just purchased a fancy new display, the first thing you'll need to do is calibrate it.

You can either pay someone a few hundred dollars -or- go into the display's settings, switch it from it's current "Showroom" profile to something dimmer -- perhaps called something like "Cinema". Then spend ~$20 on a disk like DVE that will take you step-by-step through the finer points of audio / video calibration.

Diamond One Touch Video Capture

Wow! This thing actually works. My Dad has got a bunch of Hi8 tapes from an old camcorder and for ~$35 this thing is slurping that stuff right into his Windows notebook w/ no fuss.

1TB, 7200RPM for $88

Holy Crap! The price on this, when originally posted, was $88 and I thought that was amazing. That didn't last, though and the price popped-up to $109 after a few days. Then it dropped down to $84. Now it's back up to $88 again. Arggh! I might need to buy a few more (as my mass storage needs are, simply, insatiable)